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Welcome to Renouf Design - a New Forest based photography and design company who offers free photo shoots.

You heard that right, we are delighted to be able to offer you a free photo session and an online gallery* where you can choose how many photographs and artworks you would like after the shoot, which you can purchase online and in your own time.

You are in total control - how much you spend with us, what size prints you purchase and which photographs you save for future memories or use to promote your business.

When the images are ready for you we will contact you with your very own gallery and the choice is yours... feedback from recent customers includes:

"We required a logo for our business and although we had a rough idea, Helen has brought it to life. Her help has been invaluable, she visited us at our premises and had made some preliminary designs as examples. She was able to give us guidelines for what we would require for different formats such as business cards, web site and social media. We received the finished product in less than 7 days from our initial enquiry. If you are considering re- branding or starting your own business, do not hesitate to use Renouf Design, you will not be disappointed." Mange Tout Catering

"Helen is a fantastic photographer. Her bubbly, cheerful demeanor made it feel like I'd known her much longer than the few minutes I actually had. She has a great deal of creative energy and a lovely sense of humour. She makes her role look effortless, floating around with the camera, it was like chatting with a good friend. I was really impressed with the finished images as with her creative spin, they exceeded what I was hoping for. I definitely recommend working with Helen if you get the chance." Claire

"I am so pleased you did the photos, you engaged with both of us incredibly well and i felt so at ease with you and its clear from those sparkly eyes how Sophie felt. Again thank you i am simply smitten with what you have done." Samantha.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, Helen. Your unique approach to photography and 'out of the box' thinking is pure genius. I absolutely enjoyed our time together, it's so great to be around someone so creative and passionate. You were so upbeat and really put me at ease." Jemma

"Thank you. She had a lovely day. What a magical picture. She's thrilled. Can't wait to see the rest of the images! Great to work with such a fab, imaginative photographer." Kyrsty

"We drove down from Somerset to have Lily's pictures taken at just 12 days old, after seeing the fantastic pictures of our nephew that Helen had taken. Helen was fantastic with lily, really calm and nothing phased her, we even had to stop to feed shortly after the start! I would highly recommend Helen, not only for the baby shoot, as she's also fantastic with the whole family, including the teens! We had a lovely afternoon, capturing special family memories in a warm and welcoming environment, thank you so much"

"They are completely brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time and care - its lovely to see the cottage so beautifully represented" Graylands

"Thanks very much for getting the images done so quickly and doing a great job." Bentleys Coast and Country B&B

"Thank you Helen for this morning. I love what you've done with our website. It's wonderful to have someone who will come train in person and not charge an arm and a leg to do it. I have no problem recommending you to everyone." 7th Wave Events

"Many thanks Renouf Design for creating me some lovely images to use for my catalogue and web site. Helen really managed to bring out the amazing detail in these unique silver Harken charms." C'est La Vie jewellery.

"Helen these are so beautiful. Thank you so much! We are thrilled! Xx"

"They're fabulous pics ... Her eyes are just stunning,our beautiful girl x"

"I'm sat in a car park weeping now! These are so beautiful, thank you! Over the moon!! Xxxx"

"These are absolutely brilliant Helen, thank you so much!
Seeing the boys in these photos, you’ve captured all the wonderful things (their character, their uniqueness, mischievousness, and sheer joy for life) that is so easy to lose sight of amongst the everyday stuff of parenting.
The photos have reminded me to stop and just look and enjoy my three beautiful boys, just as they are. I will cherish these images."

"One highly skilled young lady with a flair for design and whatever you want she will design it"

Royal Photographic Society

* On location shoots, mileage is charged if we travel further than 20 miles from Lymington.

*  We are able to offer wedding and special event photography - sadly not for free - but we have a great package that you can tailor to suit your budget. Our attendance fee starts at just £200 and includes the photographer for the event, a public online gallery of images (for 3 months) which you can share with friends and family, a unique printed photographic journal and a voucher off your first order from your online gallery.

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