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Coffee and Camera Club is an informal group that meet with on the 1st Tuesday of the month at various locations within an hours drive of Lymington.

The idea is simple - it is to provide an opportunity to get out and about with your camera or you phone, take some photos, maybe improve your photography, enjoy a coffee (or tea) amongst friends and try something different, and explore the local area.

The group is hosted by Helen Renouf (LRPS) who will choose the location, begin to answer your questions about your camera (as every camera is different – bringing your manual is recommended).

Meetings vary  from:

• Meeting in a local coffee shop / garden centre when you will be encouraged to chat to one another, talk about what you would like to learn how to do and then a simple have a go session using the location and the people in attendance, and a quick look at how images could be enhanced on a computer.

• Photos walks – in the New Forest, Coast or town with an idea of what to look for location looking at seasonal highlights, or a particular subject of theme. Have you ever experience a colour walk or a shape walk?

• Exploring local attractions (admission prices apply) – for example Exbury Gardens, Liberties, Beaulieu, Buckers Hard, local museums etc – where there is always something to photograph, and where you will have time amongst friends to enjoy your camera and some great company.

• Aperture and shutter speed events – do you know what these terms mean, we share ideas over coffee and then head out to explore the location to make the most of these situations.

You can see what we have planned for now below....

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to photography, just want to get to know your camera and get off auto or if you’re a more seasoned photographer just looking to improve your skills, or just want to make new friends, the idea is to help one another, get to know one another and incorporate over the coming months what you would like to learn and try.

Coffee and Camera is not about teaching you photography, it is about sharing ideas with one another, learning from each other, making new friendships, trying new things, and the ideas and concepts will cover from the members attending – questions are encouraged…

We have a facebook group – where we encourage you to share at least 4 photos from each meeting, so we can all offer constructive comments and encourage you to take more creative images, and where attendees can arrange to share lifts etc.

All sessions are held at your own risk, they are an opportunity to get together and share photographic ideas.

If you choose to attend any event organised by the group or shared by the group you do so at your own risk. CC is welcome by everyone - please keep it positive and helpful. Join us on facebook here! @CameraAndCoffee

Diary Dates

Tuesday 7th January - 10am - Coffee and Aperture Intro

 Our first session, bring along you camera and your camera manual, and ideas of what you would like to know so we can have an informal chat over coffee. We will then go over "Aperature" and explain a little about what it means - then have a go at using it to create photos.

Tuesday 4th February - 10am - Bucklers Hard Maritime Village

It is £7.50 on the day (£6.90 in advance) to explore the Martine Museum at Bucklers Hard - we will meet in the car park, then head into the museum to practice some of our aperture skills. There will be opportunity to explore the historic village, waterfront, Maritime Museum, shipbuilder’s cottages. This could be an opportunity to talk about shutter speed and iso and how to use these to get better photos in low light conditions.

Tuesday 3rd March -10am - Sea Breeze at Barton - FIRST TUESDAY

We start by meeting on the cliff top, and then we will walk down to the beach and talk about how we can you our shutter speed to make the most of the location... can we freeze motion or can we create an impressionistic view of the waves.  We will then enjoy a coffee and a chat at the local cafe.

Tuesday 14th April - 10am - Exbury Gardens and Spring Flowers - SECOND TUESDAY  - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

Exbury Gardens near Beaulieu opens at the end of March, you have to pay your own admission charge but it will be an opportunity to explore the gardens, take some close up photos of Spring flowers, and some wider landscapes and ask for some ideas along the way. Admission charge applies.

Tuesday 12th May - 10am - Lovely Lymington - with a timeless feel - SECOND TUESDAY - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

A walk around Lymington Quay, looking for photos on location and discussing how to make holiday "style" photos more interesting.  We have a look again at aperature and shutter speed - and practice the skills that we have used so far. You'll be encouraged to use your camera to shoot in black and white this week - so we will have a quick chat about how to do this in camera and talk about camera raw and jpg's.

Tuesday 2nd June - 10am - Mottisfont - Romsey - FIRST TUESDAY! - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

Mottisfont National Trust at Romsey is known for its amazing rose garden. June is the recommend time to see it. We will aim to meet at 10am at the car park, (Admission charge applies but free for National Trust members) and enjoy the Rose Garden, a coffee and a walk around the property with friends.

Tuesday 14th July - 10am -  Avon Beach Walk - SECOND TUESDAY - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

 Meeting at Highcliffe Castle we will walk through the nature reserve to Mudeford and back looking for the colour blue, we will have a coffee along the way and talk about how choosing a theme can really focus your images and you mind.

Tuesday 11th August -10am - Historic Castles - SECOND TUESDAY - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19
Either meeting at Keyhave and catching the boat (cost) to we will head out to Hurst Castle (English Heritage - admission charged) -  we will look at how we can shoot to give an impression of scale, how we can try and keep up buildings upright and how we can use our camera without the flash to shoot in low light conditions. We will have a chat about ISO and how that can impact your image. If you have a flash you are welcome to bring it along.

Tuesday 8th September - 10am - Liberties Visit - SECOND TUESDAY - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

Liberty’s Owl, Raptor And Reptile Centre, Ringwood - £12 admission - an opportunity to photograph owls, birds of prey and birds in flight.  Enjoying another tourist

Tuesday 6th October - 10am - Fungi and Autumn colours - FIRST TUESDAY - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

Meeting in the New Forest - we will go on a hunt for fungi and autumn colours. Pop in a coffee shop for a coffee and then continue our hunt. We will talk a little about how to get a more interesting fungi image.

Tuesday 3rd November - 10am - Night time photography  and print discussion and coffee - FIRST TUESDAY... CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

Meeting in a coffee shop to talk about firework photos, night time photo -  how to take photos and to plan and what to include to make the photos more interesting.  We will also talk a little bit about printing images and sharing ideas on how you can make your own Christmas cars to send this year to your favorite people.
We may then choose either to meet up one evening for a wirewool photography session at the coast or one evening to explore Bournmouth together to capture the Christmas lights, depending on interest. Date will be set for the end of the month!

Tuesday 8th December - 10am - Christmas Markets - CANCELLED Due to COVID-19

A little bit further afield, but hopefully we can arrange to share lifts and we can meet at Winchester to enjoy the Christmas market - we will be looking at creating a photo that coud be used to create a Christmas card image, we will enjoy the markets and have a festive coffee too.

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